About Us

Timeshare Disposal Group is

  • NOT a Timeshare Listing Company   or
  • a Marketing firm

that will try to

We are a Transfer Company that provides a Guaranteed Exit Solution for Timeshare owners that want to get rid of their Timeshare and forever be free of rising maintenance fees.

We at Timeshare Disposal Group understand that all Timeshares are not the same. Unfortunately for Timeshare Owners, Selling a Timeshare is much more difficult than Buying a Timeshare. Timeshare Contracts are easy to get into and to get rid of a Timeshare is extremely difficult if not impossible.

With so many Timeshares on the market today, owners have few, if any, reliable solutions that they can trust will help them out of their Timeshare.

The experienced staff of Timeshare Disposal Group not only cares but understands the frustrations and the challenges that Timeshare Owners are going through because they have experienced many obstacles with owners they have met and listened to their struggles with Timeshare ownership.

Timeshare Disposal Group is committed to you and your family and will walk along side you each step of the way to put an end to your Timeshare along with the mandatory Maintenance Fee’s and Special Assessments and Property Taxes forever. Our promise and Guarantee is that we will spend one-on-one time with you, assess your situation, and we will explain exactly how we can help you get out of your Timeshare! Our method and service is Fast, Effective,Hassle-Free, and best of all 100% Guaranteed!


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